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Thursday, March 25, 2010

OK girls, have you ever in a huge rush, trying to decide what to wear…and suddenly the perfect idea hits you! You can wear that perfect black dress you have been saving for this very type of occasion. You hurriedly throw it over your head, and turn to view your pristine image in the mirror, then …WHAT?! Is that deodorant on your perfect dress?
What do you do now? Do you try and find another perfect outfit? Do you pretend its not there? I mean, if you keep your arms down, maybe no one will notice, right? WRONG!! Trust me, they will notice. If nothing else, you will notice, and who wants to be focused on that all night?
Well, my dear friends at luckymag.com have offered a solution that solves this inevitable dilemma, and also puts to good use, those sad wardrobe castoffs that have seen better days. So, next time you are in the deodorant predicament, just use your tights. Simply let the aforementioned stain dry, hold the soiled garment tautly, and rub it briskly with any old pair of nylon tights. The smudge should be gone in no time. Now you have something to do with those tights that have snagged themselves all the way to their second life.
Just a thought, but it might even be a handy idea to cut a few pieces of said tights to keep in you handbag, desk drawer, car, etc. for such emergencies.

P.S. Did you know Chanel also makes Deodorant?  What a wonderful way to spoil oneself!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chambray and a Little Leopard

This week-end while I was supposed to be studying, I found myself shopping for the perfect Chambray shirt everyone has been talking about. This one from ae.com, seemed to fit the bill perfectly! It had that wonderful nod to a vintage look, great mother-of-pearl snaps, and a light-weight fabric that will make it comfortable now and this summer. Originally, this shirt was priced at $44.50…a little above my budget for one piece, but they are having a great sale, and I was able to snag this find for only $29.95. It is a great fit, and so comfortable, making it the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe!
AE Chambray Western Shirt

While I was meandering on the ae.com website, I stumbled across the clearance shoe section (which is always) my weakness, and found those allusive leopard print flats that I have been chasing for years. I had a wonderful pair in college that I wore with absolutely everything, but, since I only paid maybe $10 for them, they eventually reached their expiration date. It was tragic having to those lovelies away, but I consoled myself saying that I would simply replace them…easier said than done!

But, finally, I think I may have found the perfect replacement! They are comfortable and will be the perfect neutral to add to any outfit that seems to just need a little something extra! These also were a bargain, originally price at $29.50; these little babies were only $14.95. And, while I do have to do a little switch-a-roo on the size, I think this was online shopping well done! AE Wild Animal Flat

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Esther's Closet

I think most every little girl (and little boy for that matter) grows up with an image in their mind of what they want to be, and what they want their life to be like when they “grow up.”  This image may or may not include a specific occupation or activity, but it is a simple vision, that when you get there, you will know it. For me, there was always Esther, Queen Esther to be specific. 

Queen Esther was the Jewish Queen to the Persian King Ahasuerus, in the Biblical Book of Esther.  At the time Esther was coming of age, the King was searching for a new Queen.  He requested any Queen Candidates to live in the palace for 12 months, preparing to meet him, at which time he would make a choice for his Queen.  After 12 months of the most lavish beauty treatments, expensive skin treatments, eating only the best foods, and sleeping in only the most luxurious of beds, the candidates were called before the King, and Esther won him over.  She was chosen to be his Queen.  Throughout her life, she helped her husband, the King, make a number of life changing decisions for his kingdom, including the decision to veto a genocide decree made by one of his advisors.  She also informed her husband of an assassination attempt in the works, saving his life, and the wellbeing of the kingdom. 

The point is this…Esther was a most valuable woman to her husband, to her kingdom, and to her people (the Jewish people).  She was beautiful enough to win over the King, and smart enough to discuss business matters with him and influence his decisions.  Every aspect of her life radiated her exquisite taste and her extraordinary level of intelligence.  She did every thing with the utmost grace and perfect manner.  This was the type of woman I wanted to become.  So, that is the story of this blog.  It is about all things wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent.  It is everything that Esther herself would hold dear, what you might find in her inner sanctum…in her closet.  This is the story of Esther’s Closet.