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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, Murphy!

 I think it is part of Murphy's Law that when you have plenty of money, you can't seem to find anything you like/want/need.  BUT...when the fundage is running low, incredible deals and must have's seem to flood my browser.  For instance, there I am mindlessly perusing my normal web favs when I come across an announcement that Aldo is having a sale!  What?! Of course this would come at the most inopportune time, as I am trying desparately to stick to my budget!  I mean, I guess I can dream, but purchasing is so much better than dreaming.  Well, should the financial situation change, these are the selections I will be purchasing...



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dreaming in White

Last year, my sister was on the prowl for a winter white pea-ish style coat.  We searched high and low, places near and far, and no such coat existed (at least that we could find).  She found several that were just okay, but never the one. Flash foward to last week, I am frantically looking for shoes to wear at my best friend's wedding and what do I see?  It's the very coat that illuded us only a year earlier.  I had seen the perfect selection for her in a department store and was searching to find it online when I discovered there is quite the selection of winter white coats out there.  So, here is a taste of some of the best (and most affordable) options I available.  

All of these coats are $200 or less, and while this may seem like a lot to spend on one item (especially if you have a particularly tight budget), I do want to mention one thought.  In my opinion, winter coats are an investment.  Think about it, you will most likely wear it several times a week, if not everyday, for most of the winter season.  If you do this for say two years (at least), then your cost per wear becomes so little that you are almost getting paid to wear that beautiful coat!  Also, I have found that I have never regretted spending more on a coat to upgrade to better quality, but I have always regretted spending less.

So, without further ado, here's the goods...  

I am in love with those rosettes on the collar.  The overall shape of this coat is very feminine, but that detail just gives it the extra umph! to make it really special.
Kensie Coat
This option is a little more casual, but that ruffle bib and the ruffle on those sleeves...Loving it!

This style is a little more classic, yet trendy at the same time.  I'm usually not a fan of double-breasted styles, but the gold buttons help me not mind so much.  Also, the double hem at the bottom seems to be reminiscent of the ruffle hemmed coats that graced the Fall Runways.
This is the most casual option, and while it is quite basic, it is also very classic.  This could easily be worn for years.  It also has an excellent price tag...$65.  It would be perfect on the weekends with jeans and a thermal or cozy flannel button-down.

This is one of my favorite selections.  I love the oversized buttons, the bracelet length sleeves, and that big collar.  It is so feminine and would look equally well with dress clothes going to work and jeans on the weekend. 
In my opinion, this color is the most practical.  I have a tendency to spill things, rub up against things, etc.  I had a stark-white puffer coat a few years ago that would stay perfectly white for about as long as it took me to put it on and walk to the car (about 10 feet).  That coat lived at the dry cleaners more than it lived in my closet!  I digress.  The "spice" in this coat would defnitely help those who are more inclined to spillage. 

You may be looking at this and thinking it is not the most practical option, and you're right, it's not.  But, imagine it over your party dress for a wedding or even with a pair of highwaisted jeans and heels.  I love that it is such a cute alternative to just a regular coat. 

 Pins and Needles Ruffle Front Lady Coat
I really love the shape of this coat, and the ruffles and pleating give it just enough without going over the top.

Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat
 This is more of a sweater option, but is still adorable and totally worth mentioning.

DKNY Hannah Coat
This might possibly be my favorite option.  I know it's very simple, but I think that is why I like it.  It is just classic enough to last for years, yet it is not simply a boring pea coat.  The empire waist seaming and pleats would be ultra-flattering on almost any body shape.  If you are looking for a classic yet feminine coat for this year, this one just might be the ticket.