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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lunch at Sweet Basil

My sister was in town last week and we decided to do lunch to catch up on the latest.  The Shoals Area is sprinkled with wonderful little cafe's and restaurants, so a lunch date always involves a tough decision.  Well, someone had to do it, so we decided on Sweet Basil Cafe.  This has been one of favorites for years, so we knew we were in for a treat.

Wine Selection

Sweet basil is combo of specialty grocery, gourmet catering, and hot lunch spot.  They have an delicious selection of specialty grocery items and unique wines. More often then not, if I am looking for something and can't seem to find it in the big box grocery store, I can find it here. 

Cooking oils, spices, and sauces

They also specialize in both onsite and carry out catering.  In fact, they were in the top running to cater my sister's wedding last month!  You can stop in and pick up something for your family for dinner or for a special occasion, or they can cater functions as big as a wedding or reunion.

Order lunch

While Sweet Basil dabbles in different things, they are most famous for their delicious lunch menu.  This is how it goes.  They have a menu of scrumptious dishes that they have all the time; these are the staples that everyone goes back for time and again.  In addition, they have a weekly menu that is based on local and seasonal produce. I almost always chose from this menu, and Thursday was no disappointment.

Turkey & Brie Sandwich

This sandwich was ridiculous! The Brie was the perfect amount of creaminess and that ciabatta bread was the perfect holder for all that goodness.  Kalamata olive spread provided the perfect amount of saltiness to counter the richness of the brie. Served with a greek orzo pasta, it was the perfect lunch date with my sister!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to Tie a Scarf

I can't tell you the number of times I've stood in front of mirror trying to create magic with the same tired scarf I've worn a thousand times.  Better yet, I really can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say, I just need someone to teach me to tie a scarf.  Well Girls, now's your chance.  Wendy's Lookbook (found via Shutterbean) has come to our rescue and posted this video.  Prepare to be amazed (and educated!).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Love a Good BOGO!

One thing about taking someone place at work is that you end up receiving all their emails.  Most of the time this is quite annoying as all the newsletters and advertisements your former cohort so graciously gave out their information to are now contacting you for the 50th time this week to tell you about a sale on banners.  Then, one night as you are about to go to bed, you check your work email and find Buy One Get One 50% off all Shoes and Handbags!!  Finally all those pesky emails have paid off! 

So here at the deetz...Target is having a great BOGO sale on shoes and handbags.  It includes men, women, and children's items in case you need to outfit other members of your family (or if you just need to not feel guilty about buying yourself yet another pair of fabulous shoes).  I read the rules and the only items not included are clearance items.  But really, who wants to waste a good BOGO on a clearance item?

Don't worry, I sacrificed for you and rounded up the top items I would invest in if I were planning to participate in said BOGO sale.  So, here we go...

Women's Merona® Meaghan Ruffled Flat Shoes - Pewter
This just seems like it would be perfect with jeans on the weekend or with dress pants for the office

Women's Merona® Mattie Cap-Toe Shoes - Leopard
I just can't say no to a good leopard flat.  I also love that these have just a little heal to dress them up a bit.

Women's Xhilaration® Sharon Oxfords - Brown
I know oxfords are really yesterday's news, but I'm just not over them.  I love them with a cute dress or with jeans on the weekends.

Women's Mossimo® Viviana Platform Pumps - Cheetah
I know it's another leopard, but really, can you say no?  I don't think so (especially for BOGO, I mean come on it's practically begging you to take them home).

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kessi Buckle Ankle Boots - Cognac
There is something that I LOVE about these.  I'm thinking maybe with skinny jeans and a cardigan for the weekend, but depending on where the top of the boot hits, they might look really cute with a dress and tights. Kind-of that opposites attract, feminine vs. masculine vibe.

Hipzbag - Brown Faux Leather Bag
Are you on board with the new fanny packs? But, I love how they call them Hipzbags instead of fanny packs like we don't know it really is the same thing we all had hated in the '90s.

Bueno Travel Bag - Steel Grey
I am crazy about the structure of this bag.  It reminds me of an old medicine bag. I also like that it is grey; such a great alternative to boring black or brown.

Mossimo Supply Co. Triple Buckle Saddle Bag - Tan
So, this is probably bigger than I would normally go for a cross-body bag, but I love the structure.  It just seems like the perfect thing to use while perusing a great flee market (or yard sale).

Xhilaration® Chain Evening Bag - Black
I am in love with this for night time.  Someone please where this with a cute dress to a concert!

So, that's it. As you can tell, there are some great contenders for the BOGO purchase.  Run, don't walk (as your fav will probably be sold out by the time you get there) to your nearest Target and get yourself a bargain! While your there, feel free to pick up one for me as well.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stationary Love...

I love all things stationary and paper related. A new notebook, pad and pen set, notecards, you name it and I'm there!  I have been know to ravage the shelves of discount stores looking for the perfect note cards to send my clients or a close friend.

Today while doing my weekend blog catching-up over at Elements of Style and ran across this post, and I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for a moment.  Rifle Paper Co. has the most gorgeous array of stationary and anything paper related.

I mean, I think I really need this in my kitchen.  

This makes me want to host a recipe party ASAP!

I'm pretty sure my scrappy work notes would stay much more organized on something like this!

How adorable would this be framed in a little girl's room?

Receiving this card could make even the worst of days seem brighter.

What a cute alternative to the traditional business card? It's like a social card!

In reality, my current stationary stash is the backs of old daily calendar pages and used envelopes, but a girl can dream (or suggest these as a perfect gift for herself, if anyone was looking for a suggestion).