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Monday, November 28, 2011


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Are you as addicted as I am?  I'm pretty sure Pinterest took over my entire holiday weekend!  Oh well, maybe I'll get those Christmas decorations put up next weekend.  In the mean time, follow my pins here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

H&M Holiday Finds

For years H&M has been one of my all-time favorite stores.  The only problem was, we don't have one in this part of Alabama, and for the longest, their items were not available for purchase online.  Well, times have changed and H&M is now among one of my favorite online perusees.  Here are some of my favs from their current collections...

H&M Holiday Finds

H M pocket dress
£25 - hm.com

H M smocked dress
£20 - hm.com

H M pleated skirt
£40 - hm.com

H M silk pleated skirt
£70 - hm.com

H&M wingtip shoes
£25 - hm.com

H M leather handbag
£20 - hm.com

H&M metal earrings
£3.99 - hm.com

Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 Gift Guide

I'm not sure if it's the Christmas Parties I am planning at work or if I'm just in the mood, but I cannot wait ONE MORE DAY for the holidays!  I'm not talking about Christmas Day necessarily, I just mean the Holiday Season in general.  It's been a pretty tough year here, so maybe it's just my heart's way of saying "We've made it through this year, now let's celebrate and begin another year with a fresh start."

This is the week of Thanksgiving, so I'm officially declaring it the holidays!  I am usually quite strict about no Christmas music or holiday gift considering until after Thanksgiving Day (the office start of the holiday season), but it's close enough.

So, with it officially the holiday season now, let's get started on those gifts!  I remember this gift guide last year, but I didn't really pay it much attention. But when I stumbled across it again this year, I new I had to give it a second look.  This is one of best gift guides I've seen! All the gifts are super cute and unique while staying very kind to the holiday budget (I mean who likes a gift guide that is so out of your price range that is is almost comical?!).

Set aside some time and study this years Gifted Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2011.  And when you see an adorable gift, but not exactly sure who you should buy it for, feel free to think of me (I'm just sayin').

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kick the Door In

Need some Monday Motivation? Let me offer this.  I stumbled across this blog post from a High School friend of mine.  It is a letter that he wrote to his college self about being strong, persevering, pressing forward, and kicking the door in.  Check it out...

Kick the Door In

Hope you had a great Monday!

Auction Finds

You may not know this, but along with my full-time job, I have several side jobs.  I always have; I think I will know I have really made it in life when I only have one job (or maybe I will just know I've gotten really tired).  Anyway, one of my jobs has always been working at estate auctions.  No, I'm not the auctioneer.  If you've never been to a live auction, I suggest going as they are quite exciting.  Most of the time the items for sale in these auctions really aren't my style.  I mean, workshop tools, guns, and knives don't really do it for me.  However, the last few I've worked have had quite the mother-load of unique items, so I thought I would share...

Auction Crowd
We'll start things off with a quick view of the crowd anxiously awaiting the of the goods.

Vintage Typewriter
I LOVED this typewriter.  I mean, someone please put this in their gorgeous office, STAT!!

Polka Dot Lamp
I thought this lamp would look so cute in a little girls room.

Vintage Luggage Set
This was the most stunning set of vintage luggage. They had the complete set for sale and it was in stellar condition!

Wooden File Cabinet
This vintage wooden filing cabinet would look wonderful in a slightly girly office or in a bedroom as a night stand.

Gas Pump
Look at this AWESOME gas pump!!  Um, yes, that is my shadow in the picture, and no charge for the view of the garbage.

Blue Convertible
I have no idea what kind of car this is, but can you imagine going to the beach in this thing?!

Antique Orange Car
Do you watch Parenthood? If not, I suggest you start watching it immediately (well, immediately after reading my blog).  It's going to make you want to plan a family dinner. Anyway, this car reminds me of Amber's car. It also reminds of an old fashion taxi.  So cute!

Antique Car
Another great vintage car.  Love.

Antique Truck
Cute little vintage truck.

Antique Pontiac
This was the one I fell IN LOVE with.  While I was taking these photos the man who had just purchased this beauty noticed my interest and offered to let me drive it.  Trust me, it was just as fun as it seems.

Vintage Car
Gorgeous steering wheel.  I kept telling the man he should just give me the car, but he didn't quite agree with my logic.

Tweed Door
The inside of the door was Tweed!  See that little switch to the right? Yeah, those are the power window switches.  I mean, what's a vintage car without power windows?

Pontiac Dash
GORG!! My husband told me they stopped making the dashes like that as they were metal and caused quite a safety hazard in car accidents.  I mean, I think I might where a helmet if I got to look at that dashboard everyday.

Vintage Juke Box
How fun would it be to have a vintage juke box in a cozy family room with a wet bar?

Vintage Leather Chair
Last but not least, I just had to bring this guy home.  I apologize that it's not the best photo, but it was really an incredible find.  That buttoned leather, the nail head detail, the wooden arms...And you are going to flip out when I tell you the price - $10!!  Yes, that's right, I took that handsome chair home for only ten bucks! I'm pretty sure it was one of those rare moments when all the stars a-line just right to bring you the best luck. And to think, I wanted to sleep in that day.

I hope you enjoyed that little showing of my last couple of weekends.  Next time you see an ad for an auction, stop by.  You might just find the deal of a lifetime!